Couples who choose surrogacy have most likely exhausted all other options. By this time you may wonder if having a baby will ever happen. You are depleted financially and emotionally. Although your endurance is surely waning, your chances for becoming a parent are not. There is much cause for hope. For those who have reached this point, surrogacy is a wonderful option for successfully achieving parenthood.

Selection of the right agency is crucial. The relationship between the Intended Parents and the surrogate should be a satisfying, rewarding, and even enjoyable experience. From the transfer of your embryos, through the birth of your newborn baby, the process must run smoothly in order for the Intended Parents to keep their level of stress to a minimum.

Baby Steps Fertility will be there for you during every step of the way. We will assist you in choosing the right agency, which will facilitate matching you with a compatible surrogate. The coordination of surrogacy agency, IVF clinic, egg donor agency (if applicable), attorneys, and most importantly, the surrogate, is enormous. We know this firsthand and will assist with the process and guide you at all turns.

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