Choosing an experienced egg donor agency with high ethical standards is imperative and the list of agencies is growing almost daily. Many are professional, trustworthy and caring. However, some are not, and result in far too many disappointing and needlessly expensive situations for the Intended Parents.

I have worked endlessly to identify and develop relationships with agencies that will be patient, thorough in their donor screenings, selective in the donors they choose to work with, and detailed in the information they provide to the Intended Parents. Additionally, such agencies are not focused on taking all your money upfront.

Once an agency has been chosen, the matching of an egg donor with the Intended Parents commences. This can be an overwhelming process with tremendous time and energy spent in the selection. Baby Steps Fertility will help you sift through the limitless machinations of donors to Intended Parents and narrow down the prospects so that you will be presented with the best donors available based on your personal criteria. Baby Steps Fertility strives to help you find the egg donor who is best suited for you and the family you want to build.

Sometimes, Intended Parents may identify an egg donor with the genetic make-up and attributes ideal to them, and therefore, enter into a contract with whichever agency she is registered with. While this is another perfectly viable approach, there can be potential pitfalls. For instance, it is possible that your donor may be evaluated by your IVF doctor and declared medically unfit for a myriad of reasons. In some cases, donors will simply change their minds. Whatever the scenario, unanticipated situations can and do arise. However, once you’ve signed an agency contract, you’re usually responsible to pay at least some portion of money.

No matter how you go about securing your ideal egg donor, Baby Steps Fertility will guide you through the process.

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