Baby Steps will be there from inception to conception

Baby Steps Fertility is a service designed to assist the Intended Parents in navigating the emotional, physical and financial challenges of infertility. We spend hours upon hours researching the ever-growing industry of infertility so that we can help you be informed, feel protected, and receive the best resources available.

Baby Steps Fertility is not a donor or surrogate agency that also handles other fertility issues. We are focused on the Intended Parents, and the Intended Parents exclusively. Too often, Intended Parents fall into the wrong hands, especially when feeling so vulnerable. Baby Steps Fertility will be there to help you circumvent the pitfalls and prevent you from wasting needless dollars, while providing the emotional sounding board that most couples desperately require.

Whether it’s helping you find the right IVF physician, donor, surrogate, attorney or acupuncturist, managing your entire process, or coordinating the endless appointments, we will walk you through this journey, saving you valuable time and money along the way.

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