Dear intended parents,

I understand. I understand the journey of infertility. I understand the years of disappointment trying to have a baby and the loss of hope. I understand the pressures this puts on a relationship. I understand the daunting task of choosing a fertility doctor, the devastation of eight failed IVF cycles, the moodiness and bloating from hormones, the poking and probing of biopsies and procedures. I understand the lawyers. I understand the endless researching of dozens of egg donor and surrogacy agencies. I understand the necessity of using an egg donor and the decision to have a gestational surrogate carry your baby. And, I understand the despair that comes from having to repeat the process over and over again.

The journey for my husband Michael and I included all of the above. The one thing it did not include was any guidance for us, the Intended Parents. Egg donors are protected and coddled by donor agencies, surrogates have their agencies, and the attorneys protect these agencies. Ironically, we, as Intended Parents, were the only ones throughout this process who had to fend for ourselves. So often, we had no idea what our next steps should be. Nobody was there to help us through this harrowing and exasperating experience. Intended Parents should not have to embark on this journey alone, which is why I founded Baby Steps Fertility.

At Baby Steps our only role is to champion your interests and help you move through this unfamiliar process with greater confidence and success. I hope you have found this website to be informative. If you would like to learn more about how you can benefit from my experience, please call me.


Liz Silverman–Platt, Founder, Baby Steps Fertility

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