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“I am the owner of an egg donation and surrogacy agency and we are currently working with Liz on a surrogacy case. I have to admit I was skeptical at first about how well we would work together as we are used to doing things our way and working directly with the Client from the beginning. I was pleasantly surprised at Liz's level of commitment to the client, but also at her level of commitment to us as an agency. She was very involved in helping her clients make a decision about the best surrogate choice. She attended the first meeting between the client, surrogate and agency. She included us in email correspondence with the Client, so that we all became comfortable working together as a team. She remains actively involved throughout pregnancy and she quickly offers to help us whenever she possibly can. Liz helped in the research and selection of the high risk OB once the surrogate was pregnant. She even researched and sent links on local housekeeping services since the surrogate was living in a remote area.

While Liz is very involved each step of the way, I never once felt that she was intrusive or trying to dictate to us how to handle our case or how to do things as an agency. She treats us with respect and is always positive and supportive. We love working with Liz and look forward to many future cases together."

Darlene M. Pinkerton, President
A Perfect Match, Inc. Egg donation and Surrogacy Agency

“Making the decision to use a surrogate was a huge decision for us. Taking the next step - choosing a surrogate - was DAUNTING to consider and then exhausting to carry out. The number of agencies available and the often unscrupulous practices of those agencies, we found, led to very, very long search processes and sometimes disappointing results.

When we were introduced to Liz, the veil lifted and the seas parted. After our introductory discussions, we quickly had a handful of top-notch women from which to choose - and we did not have to pay a penny to any agencies until we knew we had zeroed in on our best candidate.

Every single step of the way - from first interview to the birth of our delicious twin boys - my husband and I have been thanking God for Liz's involvement, insight, and skill in navigating the process. Liz found our surrogate, our IVF doctor, our lawyers, our medical insurance plans (in two states), and our delivery hospital. She held our hand throughout the process with the doctors, agency and lawyers.

We cannot thank Liz enough for making this process a joyous and natural one. Liz, though there is no price we can put on the happiness we feel holding the newest members of our family, you are worth more than your weight in gold!!" -

- New York, NY

“The very first fertility doctor we met with had some very honest and encouraging words of wisdom for us: ‘People have children for different reasons; for some, it’s important to carry on their family name… for others, it’s because they want to be parents… there are many ways to become a parent.’ He was right. We were very fortunate to have listened early on, and more importantly, to have found Liz and Baby Steps Fertility. Together, we realized our dream and have two beautiful children. Liz’s experience, devotion and guidance on this journey helped get us there.”
Susan and Robert, Los Angeles, CA

“When Liz first told me that she was going to start a fertility consulting company I was thrilled. Not only did I recognize the need for this type of service, but I also knew there would be no better person to spearhead that endeavor. Liz is diligent and compassionate and she leaves no stone unturned. She knows this industry and her wealth of experience will be of incredible value to her clients. Liz’s devotion and professionalism makes her the perfect person to help anyone embarking on this road to conception.”
Stephanie Goldman, Co-Founder, Family Creations, LLC

"From an industry fraught with  overly aggressive, enterprising quasi-professionals, and a journey laden  with disappointments, heartaches and headaches, comes Baby  Steps Fertility  and Liz Silverman-Platt.  Liz and Baby Steps  not only put a  compassionate, sincere face on the arduous (sometimes painful) process of  becoming parents through  alternative methods, but she smoothes over the many  necessary and  inherent bumps in the road, adds ease and calm to a system  that  mostly seems anything but, and provides a professional, honest,   straightforward "concierge service" to the doctors, lawyers,  agencies, and  other entities involved in the channels of  infertility.

After  5 years in the "system," we are  now awaiting the birth of twins via surrogacy.  Liz found for  us the remarkable angel-woman who's carrying our babies (literally  found), has held our proverbial hands from that day onward, and  provided as much guidance and support, as she has provided practical involvement in interfacing with all the professionals,  and overseeing and/or handling every aspect of the process.   For your team  of professionals who will help you along the  way, she has been invaluable and an indispensable resource for us  -- our quarterback, of sorts.  We had nearly given up, had  become broke and broken, and now we have 2 babies on the way --  thanks to Liz and Baby Steps."
- Susan & Robert, LA

"Liz was a total pleasure to work with.  From our initial meeting, her insight, knowledge and empathy were not only helpful, but a constant comfort in our journey to conceive a child. We entered into the process knowing very little about our options, and with limited resources.  Liz took the time to get to know us both as a couple and individuals, and her care and candor were invaluable. We are very grateful for her guidance and friendship ".
Intended Parents, Southern California

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