Boys Are 2 Months Old Today

I knew it would happen, eventually. During 5 years of infertility and major disappointment, I knew one day we would achieve our dream of parenthood. My twin boys are 2-months old today. My little guys would not be here were if not for the assistance of a lovely, lovely surrogate and third party reproduction. We tend to only hear of the horror stories associated with IVF, egg donation and surrogacy. I’m here to vouch for an industry that creates beautiful families and enhances life.

My company is Baby Steps Fertility, LLC. I founded Baby Steps based on personal experience, my fascination with the industry and my compassion for the individuals, couples and Intended Parents that require fertility treatment and third party reproduction to create their families. My goal always is to guide you through the often harrowing experience of egg donation and surrogacy while saving you precious time and money. If you are thinking of embarking upon egg donation and/or surrogacy please visit for more information. My sons are proof that anything is possible.

Liz Silverman Platt
Baby Steps Fertility, LLC.


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