With deep compassion, I am orchestrating an online auction to benefit the victims of the SGUSA/Michael Charles Financial tragedy. Joining me in this endeavor is third party reproductive attorney, Andrew Vorzimer. For those of you unfamiliar with what has transpired, SurroGenesis, Tonya Collins and Michael Charles Financial are being investigated by the FBI for allegedly absconding with over 3 million dollars of Intended Parents’ money in surrogacy escrow holdings.

This heinous act has devastated hundreds of people – Intended Parents, surrogates and egg donors. Life savings have been lost, along with couples’ dreams of parenthood.  Surrogates are about to give birth, egg donors are in the middle of donation cycles and there is no money to proceed.  For so many people involved, the outcome is looking disastrous. Money needs to be raised quickly.

This online auction will take place via eBay on Friday, May 1st.  There will be exciting and affordable items to bid on. No donation is too small, no donated item too insignificant. Along these lines, if you, your family or friends have access to items that we can auction off please email me at liz@babystepsfertility.com or call 310/880-9125.

Thank you in advance for your assistance and acts of kindness.

And please spread the word.

Liz Silverman-Platt
Baby Steps Fertility, LLC

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  1. Doretta Scallion Says:

    Hi, what a wonderful blog you have. I found it on Bing while looking for some baby stuff. Thanks and God bless.

  2. JD Webb Says:

    I like your blog

  3. Liz Silverman-Platt Says:

    Thanks, Doretta. I’m going to be blogging much more often.

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